Gloo's language processing automates most conversations so you don't have an endless inbox. However, sometimes people need that personal connection, so All Messages flags messages in need of response and allows you to take over a conversation at any point.

Messages from users get flagged anytime they ask or say something that Gloo has not been set up for. This keeps anyone from falling through the cracks.

Note: Conversations with Explorers will not receive the automated "New Unresolved Message" response that you set up in your Customizations.

Send a reply to an Unresolved Message

1. Find the message that is flagged. This is the message that says:

2. If you have determined that a response is necessary, type your response and click "Send.”

Note: Looking to turn off the unresolved message automated text response? You can do so under Settings, then click "Customizations."

3. If you determine that a flagged message does not need a reply, simply click “Mark as Resolved.” This will remove the notification icon and keep your All Messages Inbox clean.

Navigate to a person's profile right from Messages. Click "Go to profile" next to the person's name.

Start a one-on-one conversation with any of your people and see all message history

1. Click on the person you want to chat with or search for their name in the search bar.

2. Type the message you’d like to send to start a conversation, and click “Send.”

Note: View the entire message history with that person by scrolling.

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