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Update your Customizations under Settings to make sure every text sent fits your church culture.

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Gloo automatically acknowledges when someone sends in a text so people receive immediate feedback. There are a few categories of automated messaging in Gloo, and it's important to be aware of the differences.

Locked Automated Messaging

There are two forms of automated messaging that are built into the Gloo system and cannot be turned off or customized. These are:

  • When someone texts into your Gloo phone number for the first time and they have not already been created as a contact, Gloo will automatically ask for their name. Asking for their name cannot be turned on/off, but you can customize some text that appears beforehand. Scroll down to the User Onboarding section of this article to read more.

  • Once someone is in the system as a contact, if they message in later and say something simple like "hi" or "hello," Gloo will automatically respond and say "Hi! How can I help you today?" This response cannot be turned on/off or customized.

Note: Neither of these responses will trigger for Explorers. These only apply to congregants whose texts come into the Messages tab.

Customizable Automated Messaging

You can customize the texts that get sent when:

  • A prayer request is received- this text is automatically sent back to users who successfully submit a prayer request.

  • A prayer request is prayed for- this text is not automatically sent, but is a quick saved option that can be used by your team when responding to prayer requests.

  • An unresolved message gets texted in- this text is automatically sent in response to a message that the system doesn't know how to handle. These messages are always given the "Needs Response" status in your inbox.

  • User onboarding is completed- this text is automatically sent when someone texting into your number for the first time completes their onboarding process and the system creates a profile for them in your account.

Note: Just like with the Locked Automated Messaging, none of these responses will trigger for Explorers. These only apply to congregants whose texts come into the Messages tab.

How to Edit Customizations

  1. Under your Messages menu, navigate to Automations -> Customizations.

2. Edit any response you'd like by clicking on it.

Note: Gloo will use the default responses for anything you leave blank.

3. Three of the Customizations can be toggled on and off. Please note that if you turn off the New Unresolved Message response, when someone texts in a question Gloo doesn't know how to respond to, no response will get sent back. The message will still get flagged for you to manually respond in the Messages tab.

The Prayer Request - Prayed For message cannot be toggled on/off because it is not sent automatically, but only manually when responding to prayer requests.

Note: Customizations will not trigger for Explorers, since a response that feels automated and bot-like may be awkward in these sensitive, personal conversations. Explorers will not get a notification that their prayer request has been received, they will not receive an unresolved message notification, and since the system already knows their name, they will never be prompted to go through/complete onboarding.

4. Try out your new responses using the Texting Simulator!

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