If a user is not getting an expected automatic response from Gloo, it might be because the user is in an unresolved state.

When someone sends something in that Gloo does not have an automation set up for, the user will receive your Unresolved Response. This user gets placed in an "unresolved state" in your system until a church admin either replies or marks the user as resolved (see our Messages article for more information on how to do this).

If the user continues to send in things that Gloo doesn't know how to automatically respond to, they will remain in the "unresolved state" and will not continue to receive your Unresolved Response. Once they text in something that Gloo knows how to respond to, they should receive an automatic reply related to their message.

Important: Remember, if your Unresolved Message is turned off, any time someone texts in something Gloo doesn't know how to respond to, they will get NO automatic response.

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