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Texting Simulator Guide

Test out any of Gloo’s features before using them.

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Do you want to see exactly how your messages will show up on people’s phones? Are you curious how people in your church are experiencing Gloo? The Texting Simulator is a great tool to test out every function of Gloo for yourself!

Watch the video below for a quick overview, and keep reading for an in-depth explanation!

Test how people will experience texting with you

  • Navigate to Messaging and under Tools click the Texting Simulator.

  • Use the phone icon to text in and see how someone from your church will experience texting you. Type out any message and the simulator will take you through the onboarding process someone experiences the first time they text in.

    See how Gloo will respond to any message someone sends, whether it is a Keyword, Quick Response, request for prayer, or even something Gloo doesn’t recognize.

    Note: Interactions in the simulator are not recorded in your Gloo account, including prayer requests, Quick Response interactions, etc.

  • View a list of all of your active keywords, including any keywords used to opt into series. Any of these keywords can be tested in the simulator. Note, however, that Workflows cannot be tested in the simulator. If you type in the keyword associated with a Workflow, you will get a message telling you that they cannot be tested here.

  • Use the quick links to adjust settings if you find something you don’t like. You can easily link out to your Customizations, Automations and Onboarding tabs under your Engage menu to make changes.

  • Use the Texting Simulator to test out a survey before sending it out. Simply open your survey and find the demo keyword that has been autogenerated. Type that keyword into the phone icon in order to test out your survey.

Test Broadcasts before you send them

Write a broadcast to see how it will look when people receive it. Simply type out your broadcast and watch it show up in the phone icon!

Note: When testing Broadcasts in the simulator, personalizations will not work. If you have a personalization set up in a Keyword, Quick Response, Series, or Survey, the personalization will only work after you complete the onboarding process in the simulator. Otherwise, Gloo will simply leave a blank space where the personalization should appear.

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