With text messaging's 98% open rate, using texting as the delivery mode for a devotional is one of the best ways to invest in your people's spiritual growth beyond a Sunday service.

Setting up a sermon series devotional

Setting up a new devotional is easy when using a Gloo Template!

  1. Navigate to "Discover" - under "Tools." Find the "Sermon Series Devotional" card and click into it. Hint- just type it into the search bar at the top.


  2. Select the date you'd want the devotional to start. Then click "Start."


    Note: The starting date will typically be the Sunday you are launching the devotional. Unsure what date that is? Don't worry! You can always edit the dates later.

  3. Create keywords related to your sermon series.


  4. Take time to edit any of the [bracketed] content to be relevant to your sermon.


  5. After editing the content, click "Save."


  6. Your devotional is ready to go! People can start texting in the keyword(s) you set up. View the details in the Series tab under the Create menu.


Promoting your devotional

Here are 3 steps to encouraging people to opt in to your devotional!

  1. Verbally announce the opportunity to text in to the devotional during your service. Cast vision as to why you'd like people to text in - to invest in and encourage them!

  2. Make texting in easy by using an SMS QR code. (Check out this guide for how to set one up.) Put the SMS QR code on a slide like this one and make it visible during your announcement.

  3. Make your call to action clear by telling people to "Text [KEYWORD] to [PHONE NUMBER]" and give people time to take out their phone act right in that moment.

Want to create an entirely custom devotional?

Already have content created that you want to distribute via text? Create a devotional entirely on your own using the Series feature! Check out this step by step Series guide to set one up.

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