Responding to Explorers in the mobile app

Easily manage conversations with your Explorers right from our mobile app

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Keeping up on conversations with your Explorers is easier than ever with our mobile app! You can now view and respond to your Explorers right from your phone or tablet.

Pro tip: In your Profile, you can configure notifications for the your account. In order to turn on push notifications in the app to keep you up to date on messages from Explorers, simply select that option.

View and respond to Explorers

  1. While in your Inbox, tap Explorers to view all conversations with Explorers. Tap on an Explorer’s card to view that specific conversation. Note that the Explorer with the most recent message sent will appear at the top of the list. You can also filter your Explorers by their status (New Match, In Contact, etc), and/or by which of your team members they are assigned to.

    Note that in the mobile app, messages from Explorers will not show up in the All Messages tab. This tab is only for messages that correlate to the Engage tab in the web app. Most often, these are people from your church texting in questions, Keywords, etc.

  2. View (1) the Explorer’s name and the topic of the ad they responded to, (2) status, and (3) original message. Tap (4) Type a message here to send a response. The image icon (5) can be used to insert images. And if you tap on the Profile section you'll be able to see the Explorer's full profile.

    Note: The explorer’s original message to you is shown with a star. On your first message, make sure to introduce yourself and share how you got their information. The explorer will receive your message as a text message from your Gloo phone number and will not be able to see their original message to you. If you need any tips, be sure to check out our 5 Keys to successful Explorer interactions and sample conversations.

  3. Type out your message in the Type a message here box.

  4. Having trouble figuring out a good first response? Tap Help me respond in the bottom left corner of the screen to browse suggested responses.

  5. For a more detailed description of Conversation Support, check out this article. View the suggested responses for different topics, and once you've found one you like, tap Edit in Message Box to insert the prompt into the conversation. Note that some things in [brackets] like your name and the Explorer's name will be automatically filled in for you. But other things in [BRACKETS] in all capitals will need to be manually filled in by you. Make sure to make any necessary edits!

  6. Once you have your message the way you like it, tap the Send button in the bottom right to send your message.

Managing your Explorers

  1. From the main Explorers page, tap on the blue Assign button to assign an Explorer to one of your team members.

  2. If an Explorer has been in your account for longer than 12 hours and has not yet received a response from you, their card will be marked as overdue. Make sure to respond as soon as possible! Once you update their status, the overdue flag will disappear.

  3. The Explorer’s status can be updated either from the main Explorers page or inside their conversation card.

  4. You may also see Explorers with a "rematched" status. These are Explorers who didn't receive an initial response soon enough, and you won't be able to communicate with them moving forward. You can read more about rematched Explorers here.

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