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Week of November 20, 2023
Week of November 20, 2023

Survey and Assessment capabilities, Scheduled Broadcasts and Marketplace enhancements

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✨ What’s New

  • Custom Survey Button: Now links into the Custom Survey in-app tool and opens the corresponding modal.

  • Barna Assessments: Added additional Barna Assessments to be available to users.

  • Engage Overview Page: Provide a new overview page when a user clicks on “Engage” and has not claimed their phone number yet.

  • Barna Assessments Upgrade: Provide an “Upgrade Results” button that allows for account upgrade.

  • Automated Response: Provide more granular segmentation for auto-responses for Congregants vs Explorers. Provides a more intuitive experience for the user type.

  • Additional Organization Attributes: An added field for “Programs & Services” has been provided under the settings/account page.

  • Broadcast Drafts: Provided a capability for users to save any New Broadcast as a draft and provided a separate “Draft” tab to review them.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • Scheduled Broadcasts: Fixed an issue that had all pending messages associated with Broadcasts showing up in the “Sent” tab. Pending messages that are future dated will display in the “Scheduled” tab.

  • Marketplace Cart: When an item quantity was changed, the cart would flash or reload. This is addressed to be more dynamic.

  • Marketplace Invoices: Clicking on Invoices for a specific timeframe (i.e 2022) wouldn’t allow other invoice timeframes to display without a hard refresh.

  • Broadcast Scheduling: Broadcasts that were scheduled in advance would only be shown in the “Sent” tab and would not allow for editing. Scheduled Broadcasts will now display under the “Scheduled” tab until it is sent.

  • Assessments Text: Addressed copy issues where there were misspelled words and incorrect rendering of text formatting.

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