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Explorer Connection Onboarding

Gloo Explorer Connection Onboarding

Updated over a week ago

Kylie and Austin from the Success Team here at Gloo have recorded an Explorer Connection Onboarding for you to get familiar with everything the Explorer Connection platform has to offer. This 30-minute onboarding will take you through setting up your account, explaining what campaigns are, how to receive your first Explorer, and the best practices for how to respond to Explorers.

You can also check out our Best Practices for Increasing Explorer Engagement for more account details.

Please click the link below to view the Explorer Connection Onboarding. If you would like to join the Success Team for a live Explorer Connection Onboarding, please use the Success Center to register. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please be sure to download the recording if you would like to fast-forward during any part of the onboarding. Click on the three little dots on the right, and select download. Thank you.

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