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Best Practices for Increasing Explorer Engagement
Best Practices for Increasing Explorer Engagement

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  1. Respond to Explorers Quickly: Kylie, from the Success team, emphasizes the importance of responding to Explorers within 15 to 30 minutes. Quick responses demonstrate attentiveness and care, which can increase engagement.

  2. Limit Religious Verbiage Initially: Kylie advises avoiding the use of religious language in the first few messages. This approach respects the comfort level of Explorers who may have no background with the Church or religious topics.

  3. Establish Trust and be a Listening Ear: Building trust is crucial for effective engagement. The goal is to listen to the Explorer and create a safe space where they feel heard and understood.

  4. Introduce Religious Topics in an Approachable Way: Once trust has been established, suggest introducing religious topics in a gentle and approachable manner, such as sharing personal experiences with prayer in times of anxiety.

  5. Ask Open-Ended Questions: To promote further conversation, it is recommended to end each message with open-ended questions. This helps to create dialogue and invites Explorers to share their thoughts and feelings.

  6. Follow Up with Explorers: If there is no response after the first message, Kylie advises following up two to three times over two to three days. Following up increases the chances of engagement, as some Explorers may respond only after subsequent messages.

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