Sample Texting Do's & Don'ts

Practical examples of how to win or lose the relationship when texting with Explorers

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If you haven't already checked them out, be sure to review our 5 Keys to Successful Connections and Sample Conversations. But if you're looking for even more examples, look no further! Below are a few samples of what not to do in conversations with Explorers, followed by some great examples of what to do.

❌ Do not reference Gloo, because Explorers don't know who Gloo is

❌ Do not reference a specific campaign unless it is clearly stated in the "ad topic" section of the Explorer's information

❌ Do not be overly formal if the Explorer is not overly formal. Match their tone.

❌ Do not immediately respond in an overtly spiritual way since you don't know the Explorer's history or perspective on spirituality

❌ Similarly, do not immediately quote Bible verses

❌ Do not use "Christian buzzwords" like grace, Lord, In His Will, spiritual warfare, scripture, etc

❌ Do not simply give an invite to church without having spent any time getting to know the Explorer - this invitation usually does not land well on a first text unless the Explorer is explicitly asking about attending your church in their first message

❌ Do not immediately encourage the Explorer to contact you in another way, through email, etc. Data shows Explorers are most comfortable texting at the beginning, and driving them away from that reduces response rates.

❌ Do not reference a specific campaign unless it is clearly stated in the "ad topic" section of the Explorer's information

❌ Do not be overly formal (like using official titles) if the Explorer is not overly formal- match their tone

❌ Don't immediately quote Bible verses

❌ Don't simply give quick, pat advice to try and solve their problem

✅ Introduce yourself and reference whatever message the Explorer originally submitted

✅ Relate to the Explorer without offering simple advice or pat answers

✅ End your first text with a simple, easy-to-respond-to question. The goal is to draw the Explorer into a conversation by removing any barriers from them responding to you

✅ Spend some time building a relationship

✅ If the Explorer brings up spiritual topics, feel free to engage those. But wait until you know it would be appropriate

✅ Once you've built some trust, try a higher level ask like inviting them to coffee

✅ Keep the conversation casual and create easy ways for the Explorer to respond

✅ Ask good questions and prioritize getting to know them

✅ This Explorer hasn't brought up spiritual things, so the responder is not trying to force the conversation unnaturally in that direction

✅ Here there is a clear and easy way to connect, so once some relational trust has been built, James invites the Explorer to his small group is a very natural way

✅ Because relational trust has been built, the Explorer is much more likely to say yes to the invite than if James had simply sent the invite in the first text

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