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Maintaining Family Engagement with Text Messaging During the VBS Season
Maintaining Family Engagement with Text Messaging During the VBS Season
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For church leaders, VBS is not just about the children; it’s an invaluable opportunity to connect with families, introduce new members to the church community, and foster long-term engagement. And texting can be a powerful tool to keep families informed and engaged in your summer programming.

1. Inviting Families to Participate

The first step to a successful VBS program is getting families through the door. Texting offers a direct and effective way to invite families to participate.

  • Start by creating groups for different segments, such as existing church families, new visitors, and those who have attended previous VBS events.

  • Send personalized invitations, highlight the exciting activities planned, and provide easy registration links.

Your warm, welcoming message can make all the difference in encouraging families to join your church’s program.

2. Stay Up to Date on Weekly Activities

With the VBS programming spanning over the course of several days or even weeks, different themes and activities each day are a must to keep kids engaged. Keeping parents informed about the schedule is crucial.

  • Use the texting platform to send daily or weekly updates about what children will be learning and doing. Not only does this help parents prepare, but it also builds anticipation and excitement.

  • You can even consider adding a fun element, like a daily trivia question related to the VBS theme, to keep engagement high.

This helps parents engage with their children’s lessons, allowing them to take part in this fun and important activity as a family. They’ll appreciate being kept in the loop.

3. Offering Resources for Home Engagement

The impact of VBS can extend beyond church walls. By providing resources and activities for families to do at home, you reinforce the lessons learned and encourage spiritual growth.

  • Send links to downloadable coloring pages, craft instructions, or Bible story summaries.

  • You can also share conversation starters or family devotion ideas that parents can use at the dinner table.

These small touches show that you care about families’ spiritual journeys and provide them with tools to continue the experience at home.

4. Creating a Space for Communication

One of the standout features of our texting platform is the ability to facilitate two-way communication. Parents often have questions or need additional information during VBS.

  • Create a dedicated group where they can reach out with questions and receive prompt responses from church leaders. This open line of communication builds trust and makes parents feel supported.

  • You can also gather feedback through text surveys to understand what’s working well and what can be improved, ensuring that each year’s VBS is better than the last.

When it comes to their kids, parents need to be heard. The beauty of easy, two-way texting is that it’s never been easier to connect and communicate.

5. Encouraging Return Visits

Finally, use texting to maintain the momentum after VBS ends. These families have spent days or weeks coming to your church, trusting you with their kids’ spiritual journeys. Don’t let that momentum go to waste!

  • Send follow-up messages thanking families for their participation and inviting them to upcoming church events. Reaching out makes families feel seen and valued, and it can make them excited to join your church in a bigger way.

  • Highlight ongoing children’s programs, family activities, and other opportunities to stay connected.

A personal touch, such as a message from the pastor or children’s ministry leader, can reinforce the sense of community and belonging.

Family Engagement for All Seasons

Vacation Bible School is a pivotal time for church outreach and engagement. By harnessing the power of our free texting platform, you can ensure that families are informed, involved, and excited about their church experience. From invitations to follow-ups, texting helps build a strong, connected community that extends beyond VBS. Start leveraging these strategies today and watch your church family grow and thrive, by using the free church texting platform in Gloo.

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