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How Segmenting Your Audience Can Boost Church Engagement
How Segmenting Your Audience Can Boost Church Engagement

Learn how segmenting your audience by using our groups feature can significantly enhance your church engagement

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In the next 5 minutes, you’ll learn how segmenting your audience using our groups feature can significantly enhance church engagement, and we'll offer practical ideas for different audience segments.

The Power of Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is a powerful way to tailor your communication to specific groups within your congregation. By creating targeted messages for different segments, you ensure that each group receives relevant information, leading to higher engagement and a more connected church community. Let's delve into some practical ways to segment your audience and examples of how you can use this strategy to benefit your church.

1. New Members

New members often feel overwhelmed or disconnected when they first join a church. By creating a group specifically for new members, you can provide them with the information and support they need to feel welcomed and integrated into the community.

Messages to send:

  • Welcome messages with information about upcoming newcomer events.

  • Invitations to small group gatherings or introductory classes.

  • Regular check-ins to see how they are settling in and to offer assistance.

2. Volunteers and Ministry Teams

Volunteers and ministry teams are the backbone of many church activities. Keeping them informed and motivated is crucial for the smooth operation of church events, services and so much more.

Messages to send:

  • Updates on upcoming volunteer opportunities and training sessions.

  • Recognize their hard work by sending an encouraging word, or a link to a gift card to the volunteers you want to give an extra thanks to.

  • Coordination messages for specific events or projects they are involved in.

3. Parents

Parents often juggle multiple responsibilities and appreciate clear, concise communication regarding activities that involve their children. When you have a children’s ministry, texting a group of parents involved is a great way to keep parents engaged and excited to come to Sunday school each week.

Messages to send:

  • Updates about children's programs, Sunday school, and family events.

  • Reminders about important dates and registration deadlines for children's activities.

  • Inform parents about the upcoming Sunday message so they can continue the conversation with their children throughout the next week.

4. Prayer, Support, and Small Study Groups

Prayer and study groups play a vital role in fostering spiritual growth and providing emotional support to congregants in your church. Direct communication ensures that members receive timely updates and encouragement, putting them on a path to engage with their faith every day of the week.

Messages to send:

  • Updates on answered prayer requests.

  • Meeting schedules and topics for upcoming small group sessions.

  • Inspirational messages and scripture verses to uplift members.

5. Online Attendees

Just because a valued member of your community can’t physically come to church on any given Sunday doesn’t mean we should let their spiritual growth go untended to. Personalized communication helps them stay connected and engaged with your message.

Communication Ideas:

  • Regular check-ins and encouragement.

  • Information about services and events they can participate in remotely.

  • Coordination of visits or assistance from church volunteers.


Segmenting your audience using our groups feature is a simple yet effective way to increase engagement within your church. By sending targeted messages to specific groups, you ensure that everyone receives relevant information, fostering a more connected and engaged congregation.

The free texting platform in Gloo is here to support you every step of the way, helping you save time and resources while enhancing your church's engagement. Try out these segmentation strategies today and witness the positive impact on your church community when you sign up free today.

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