There may be a couple of reasons why your broadcast message isn't being sent.

  • Your message could be delayed depending on how many people you sent the message to. If you are sending the message to a lot of people, it may take a few moments for everyone to receive the message.

  • Your message was flagged as spam by carriers. There are a few common reasons this happens.

    • A high volume of Unsubscribes in a short amount of time will stop the throughput of messages. Prevent this by ensuring you have permission to text the phone numbers.

    • If you included a link in your message, links ending in "" have been flagged by carriers no matter where they come from. We're not sure why those are flagged, but if you use the Gloo link shortener as a replacement, it will be delivered.

    • links are sometimes flagged as spam. Instead, again try using the Gloo link shortener.

  • The messaging industry is making changes to the message volumes that can be sent over an unverified Toll-Free number. Because of this, we are actively working to verify every single number that Gloo customers are using. You can read more about that process and how it affects your account here.

  • If you continue to have trouble, please email us at!

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