Accepted Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards. If you want to do an ACH bank transfer, reach out to our team.

Updating Payment Information

1. To update your payment information, navigate to Settings -> Billing. You will automatically be put into the Overview tab.


2. Click Change Card.


3. Enter your updated billing information and click Update Payment Information to confirm.

Billing Timing

You'll see the first charge from Gloo on the day you purchase a paid plan. You will automatically be charged every month automatically unless you cancel your plan.

Upgrading and Downgrading

How to upgrade to a Gloo Premium account (in order to receive Explorer Connections)

1. To edit your plan, navigate to Settings -> Billing -> Overview.


2. Click Manage your Gloo Plan.


3. From the Connections tab, select the plan that best fits your church. Then select Review Changes.


4. Review your plan changes, then click Confirm Purchase.


How to downgrade from a Premium account to a Free account

You can downgrade from a Premium account to a Free account any time and still retain access to Gloo's free features.

  1. Navigate to Reach -> Settings and click Manage your Subscriptions.

  2. You will see the list of your current products. Find the product you want to remove and click Remove from Plan followed by Review Changes.

  3. Click Confirm Changes to finalize the downgrade.

Account Cancellation

We have no contracts, so you can cancel your Gloo account at any time. To cancel an account, please reach out through the in-app chat button or email our support team at

If you decide to restart an account with Gloo, our team will try to find your same phone number. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to reacquire the same phone number.


View Past Invoices

1. To view past invoices, navigate to Billing -> Invoices.


2. Filter by the appropriate timeframe. Click View Invoice for any past invoices you'd like to review.


Receive Invoices via Email

1. To receive invoices via email, navigate to Settings -> Billing.


2. Under Invoice Contact Information, select Edit.


3. Enter the email address you'd like to receive invoices, then click Save.


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