My keywords aren't working...
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  • Make sure that your Keywords are turned on. If the toggle button next to the keyword is gray, that means it is currently switched off. Just click the button to turn it back on. It should show black.

  • Make sure that the keyword isn't already being used for another Quick Response, Series, or opt-in Survey.

  • Make sure that the keyword is not misspelled. Sometimes this happens when setting up a keyword or when a person is texting in the wrong spelling of a keyword. Always remember that keywords must be texted in exactly as they are set up in order to work.

  • Make sure the keyword is the entire text message sent in. Keywords have to be texted in exactly, so if someone texts in the keyword but adds additional words, the keyword automation won't work. For example, if your keyword is "mission" and someone texts in "I want more info on the mission," that will not trigger the keyword.

  • Sometimes keywords with apostrophes in them will trigger incorrectly. Remember, punctuation in keywords does not matter, but spaces do. Because an apostrophe is a punctuation mark in the middle of a word, sometimes cell phone carriers recognize it as a space, and sometimes they don’t. A great work around is to create two options when setting up your keyword - one with a space, one without. For example, if your keyword is “I’m here” you’ll want to create “im here” and “i m here” as options.

Pro Tip: Check out this article for some Tips and Tricks on how to best set up and use Keywords!

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