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Can I Make My Own Quick Response Automations?
Can I Make My Own Quick Response Automations?
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The short answer is: no. Quick Responses are pre-built into your Gloo account, and use natural language processing (much like Siri or Alexa) to understand and automatically respond to messages. Think of these Quick Responses as answers to a general FAQ for your organization.

What you can do, however, is to create a Keyword with many options to mimic a Quick Response. The difference is that Keywords will only activate when the exact word or phrase is sent in. You can add as many options as you wish, and to mimic a Quick Response, you should add in as many keyword options as you can think of. Be sure to include full sentences, different phrases, misspellings etc. The more variations of the keyword, the more messages the system will catch.

For example, if you wanted to send out a sign up sheet to anyone interested in going on your summer mission trip, you could create a Keyword with all sorts of options including what you think people might text in surrounding that topic. If someone texts in a new variation of the keyword that you don’t have listed, you can always add it in later.

You can find a more in-depth guide to creating Keywords here.

Pro Tip: While you do need to put down spelling errors and other variations, this doesn’t include capitalization and punctuation differences. In the example above, if a congregation member texts in “MISSION”, or “When is the mission trip?”, the system will still recognize those variations and send the appropriate response.

If there is a Quick Response category that would be helpful to add, please reach out to and let us know!

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