You've probably seen QR Codes around. At restaurants we scan them to open a menu or scan them in a store to check out the latest deal.

Oftentimes these QR codes lead to a webpage.

But did you know a QR code can be scanned to easily create a text message?

What is an SMS QR code?

An SMS QR Code looks just like any other QR code. Someone simply opens up their camera and points it at the QR code to scan.

Instead of opening up a website, an SMS QR code opens up a new text message. This text message can be pre-filled with your phone number AND a pre-filled message.

See how it works by scanning this QR code from the Gloo Customer Success Team!

If you click send, you will can start receiving product updates via text from the Gloo Customer Success team.

How do I set up an SMS QR code?

There are a lot of tools on the internet to help you create SMS QR codes. One that's easy to use is this free QR Code Generator.

You will need:

  • Your text-enabled phone number

  • A keyword or message to auto-populate upon scanning

  • A CTA (call-to-action)

For this example, let's pretend we are creating a QR code for new guests to scan upon visiting your church.

  1. Select SMS as the type of QR code you'd like to create.

  2. Enter the number you want someone to text.

    Important: Do not include parentheses or a dash when typing in the phone number. (The code won't work for iPhone users if you include these.)

  3. Enter the message you'd like to be pre-populated. For example, input the keyword associated with a first time guest follow up series.

  4. Once your information is added, download your QR code as an image by clicking the save icon.

  5. Place your QR code on print materials, signs, or slides that will be projected along with your call to action. See this slide as an example!

When should I use an SMS QR code?

You can use an SMS QR code whenever you'd like to people to text in to an initiative in order to simplify the process of them texting in.

  • Have a church wide devotional series or another initiative you're encouraging people to opt into?

    • Create an SMS QR code that populates the keyword associated with it and put it up on the screen during the in person announcement.

  • Want to gather prayer requests?

    • Create an SMS QR code that populates "Pray for..." and place these on flyers to be shared around.

  • Using texting to follow up new guests or new believers?

    • Create an SMS QR code that populates the keyword you'd like them to text in and print it on signs to be placed around your church or printed in the bulletin.

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