Managing Explorer Settings ⚙️

Manage your Explorer Settings to pause and review related campaign resources.

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Explorer Settings can be found in the Messaging tab. The page will show your current Explorer status - Active or Paused

Under your Explorer Settings you can:

  • Update your Explorer status to Active or Paused

  • Schedule future pauses

  • Customize the location, quantity, and type of your Explorers.

  • Add information about your church to have on hand to easily send to Explorers who are interested in learning more

  • Manage your subscriptions

Activating and Pausing Explorer Connections 🔗

When your Explorer Status is set to active, your account will automatically receive Explorers from the system at any time. If you need a break, you are able to pause your account at any time so that no new Explorers will be matched with your organization until you've reactivated.

Note: When you first open your account, your Explorer Status will be set to Paused for the first 3 days to give you time to get oriented to the account. The status will automatically switch to Active after 3 days, or you can manually activate at any time.

  1. To change your Explorer Status, go to the Status tab and click Pause Now / Unpause.

  2. If you are unpausing, your account will become active again to receive new Explorers. If you are pausing, you will need to select a timeframe and reason for the pause. Add any additional notes and click Confirm.

    Note: You can only pause your account for 6 months from the current date. If you need to pause for longer, you'll need to schedule another pause starting the day your initial pause ends.

  3. Click Yes, I'm Sure to finalize your changes. Your pause will begin immediately and automatically end on the selected date. You will receive notifications in the days leading up your your reactivation date.

  4. If you don't want your pause to begin immediately, but want to schedule it for a future date, click Schedule Pause instead.

  5. Select your start and end dates and click Schedule.

  6. Your updated Explorer Status will be shown in the top right corner of your screen, along with the end date of your pause.

Note 1: Scheduling a pause beginning on the current date means the pause will begin immediately. Your account will automatically reactivate at 9am local time on the end date you set.

Note 2: You can schedule multiple pauses, as long as the dates of the pauses don't overlap!

Your account will show your current Explorer Status in the top right corner, along with any future scheduled pauses beneath. Scheduled pauses can be edited or archived (deleted) by clicking the 3 dots on the right side.

Choosing Type, Distance, and Quantity of Explorers 🧭

Under your Preferences, you can customize some aspects of how you receive Explorers. Keep in mind that adjustments like these can have a significant impact on the volume of Explorers you are receiving, so ensure you are ready for the changes. Turning on your Nationwide setting, for example, may drastically increase the number of Explorers matched with your account. Adjusting your proximity to a small radius, on the other hand, may drastically decrease it.

Whenever making any changes, make sure to click Save Changes at the bottom to confirm your new settings!

Proximity 📌

By default, your account will receive Explorers from up to a 50 mile radius of your listed address. If you find that many of your Explorers are too far away for you to meaningfully interact with, you can adjust that radius to be smaller.

Maximum 🔢

By default, there is no maximum set to how many Explorers you can receive in a week. If the volume feels overwhelming though, you can set a maximum number.

Nationwide 🗺️

By default, your account only receives Explorers from the radius you've specified under Proximity. However, if you'd like to receive Explorers from all over the country, you can turn on your Nationwide setting. But be warned- the volume may be high! So be prepared.

Language 📃

By default, your account only receives English speaking Explorers. Turning on Spanish speaking Explorers means you will receive Explorer messages in both English and Spanish. There is currently no way to receive only Spanish speaking Explorers.

Topic Preferences 💡

Explorers reach out about a variety of topics based on which campaign they interacted with. You as a church or ministry may be equipped to handle any type of Explorer, or you may only feel equipped to interact on certain topics.

You can use this menu to choose which topics you're comfortable engaging with so that you'll only receive Explorers reaching out about those specific issues. All categories are turned on by default, but you can make any adjustments you'd like. Just remember- the fewer options you have selected, the fewer Explorers you can expect to receive.

It's important to note that at the moment, this feature is in testing and is simply gathering information from you on which topics you prefer. We cannot guarantee that you will only receive Explorers from these categories. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to improve this process!

Adding Church Information ℹ️

You are also able to add some basic information about your church, denomination, beliefs, and other information. This can be helpful to have on hand to send out to Explorers who are interested in your church, rather than typing it out each time.

Managing Subscriptions 🗒️

If you would like to opt out of the Explorer Connections from your account, please contact support at

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