Under your Explorer Settings you can:

  • Update Status

  • Set reason for pausing and duration of how long to pause

  • Specify what types of Explorers you'd like to receive

  • Discover resources about campaigns and metrics for reaching Explorers

Managing Explorer Settings

Explorer Settings can be found in the Settings tab under your Reach menu.

Pausing Connections

Note: When you first open your account, your Explorer Status will be set to Paused for the first 3 days to give you time to get oriented to the account. The status will automatically switch to Active after 3 days.

  1. Click the Change Status drop down and choose Active or Paused.

  2. If pausing, click the Pause Reason drop down to select an option.

  3. If pausing, click the Days on Pause drop down to select an option.

  4. Make sure to click Save to commit changes.

Managing Connection Types

  1. Use the Accept Nationwide and Accept Spanish drop downs to specify which types of Explorers you would like to accept.

    Note: Turning on Spanish speaking Explorers means you will receive Explorer messages in both English and Spanish. There is currently no way to receive only Spanish speaking Explorers.

  2. Click the Save button for the changes to take effect

Discover Campaign Resources

  1. Click the Campaigns tab under your Reach menu.

Click on the cards to learn more about current Outreach Campaigns, as well as to see a preview of campaigns that are launching soon.

More Explorer Resources

Visit these other pages to learn more about building your outreach strategy.

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