Why is my account paused?

Learn why your account is paused from receiving Explorers, and how to reactivate.

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There are several reasons your account may be paused. A paused account will not receive any new Explorers until it returns to an "Active" status under your Explorer Settings.

Automatic Account Pausing

When an Explorer takes the brave step of submitting their information to be connected to a local church or ministry, we want to honor that bravery by getting them a response as quickly as possible.

For this reason, we ask that you respond to Explorers as soon as possible, and no later than 12 hours after their message comes in. We see the highest response rates when you can respond within 15 minutes-2 hours.

If it has been 16 hours since an Explorer’s message has been routed to you, and that message has not been opened, our system automatically re-routes that Explorer to another church/organization who can serve that Explorer immediately. We consider this Explorer to have been ‘dropped.’ These Explorers will show up in your Explorer Inbox as “Rematched,” and you will no longer have access to their contact information.

Rematch warning: Note that if it has been 14 hours since an Explorer’s message came in, you will get a warning notification indicating that the Explorer is at risk for being rematched, and you will have 2 hours to take action before the rematch occurs.

Our system has some parameters in place to protect Explorer Rematches from happening on a repeated basis, and if it does happen repeatedly, your account will be placed on Pause (meaning you won’t receive any new Explorers) until you confirm that you are ready to receive Explorers.

The details of these parameters are as follows:

  1. If your organization has dropped 3 Explorers within 30 days, your account will be placed on Pause for 15 days. On this first Pause, you may set your status to Active on your own, or your account will automatically be set to Active on the 15th day.

  2. If after this first Pause, your organization has dropped another 3 Explorers within 30 more days, your account will be placed on Pause for 30 days. On this second Pause, you may set your status to Active on your own, or your account will automatically be set to Active on the 30th day.

  3. If after the second Pause, your organization has dropped another 3 Explorers within 30 more days, your account will be placed on Pause indefinitely, and you will need to reach out to our Customer Success Team (successteam@gloo.us) to discuss being placed back in Active status.

If you drop two Explorers, you will receive a notification in-platform that you'll be paused if you drop a third.

You will receive notifications in the platform as well as via email if your account is placed on an automatic Pause. You will also receive an email notification two days before being placed back in Active status.

Note: These notifications are only sent if your account is automatically paused by the system. If you manually pause your account, no notifications will be sent.

How to Remain Active

A few tips to AVOID being placed on an automatic Pause:

  1. Respond to your Explorers quickly - we recommend within 15 min-2 hrs.

  2. Turn on your SMS notifications to be alerted when a new Explorer comes in.

  3. Build a team to help with responding to Explorers. Use this volunteer job description to explain the commitment, and then add your new team members in the platform.

  4. Be proactive to Pause yourself voluntarily when you are going to be on vacation, have a busy season coming up, are building a team or just need a break.

We know life happens and things get busy! We want to make sure these Explorers are being met swiftly in their time of need, and appreciate your partnership in this goal. Please reach out to the Success Team with any questions you may have.

Other Reasons Your Account May Be Paused

Initial Three-Day Pause

Your account will be placed on Pause for 3 days after initially being created in order to give you time to get acquainted with the platform and go through the Getting Started with Explorers Guide. After those 3 days, your account status will automatically be changed to Active.

If you are ready to go, you may manually set your account status to Active. Navigate to Messaging -> Explorer Settings, click Status and Unpause to get started right away!

Tip: If at any point you feel overwhelmed or simply need a break, learn how to schedule a pause here.

A Teammate Placed Your Account on Pause

If you have other Team Members included in your account, it is possible that one of them placed your account on Pause voluntarily, in which case we recommend corresponding directly with those Team Members to determine the reason. To view the members on your team, click on your name in the top right corner and navigate to Settings -> Team Members. If a team member has paused your account, you can reactivate it by following the same instructions from above.

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