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Your account settings page can be used to configure some basic information about your account that will help Gloo understand exactly how you'd like to use the account. These settings will help us to route Explorers to you more accurately, get your toll free phone number submitted for verification, and have accurate information in your account to ensure your number is not flagged by carriers as spam.

To get to your Account Settings, just click the dropdown menu next to your name in the top right corner of the screen, then click Settings. Finally, click Account Settings on the left side of the screen.

Account Name

Add the name of your account here. This can be changed later, and is important because it will automatically be added to the end of the first text message you send to a new contact.

Account Address

Add the physical address of your church/ministry/organization. This is important because we use this address to match you with Explorers in your area if you are using the Reach portion of your account.

Organization Website

Add your church/ministry/organization's website. This is required information for us to submit to phone carriers in order to get your toll free number verified for use. If you don't have a website, you can use a Facebook or Instagram page, or any other online presence that can be linked to your name/organization.


If you are a church, you can list your Denomination here.

Average Weekly Attendance

Set the average number of people that your organization interacts with on a weekly basis. This may be the average number of people who attend your church services, or maybe the average number of contacts you have in a list to receive weekly devotionals/announcements. This helps Gloo understand how many people your account will be used to communicate with.

Estimated Monthly Text Messages

This helps Gloo and the phone carriers know how many text messages to expect from your account. The default settings is 250,000/month to give you plenty of leeway, but you can adjust that number up or down if you'd like.

Text Message Use Case

You can choose the use cases that most closely matches how you will be using Gloo. If you are a church/ministry, you will most likely select "Religious Services."


These are optional categories of ministries your church has available.


These are optional categories of programs your churches participates in.

Time zone

The time zone will automatically be set based on the location of your device.

Default Language

You can set certain features and default responses in Gloo to be sent in either English or Spanish.

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