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How do you decide which church gets connected to an Explorer?
How do you decide which church gets connected to an Explorer?
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An Explorer’s response is routed to a nearby church based on the zip code they submit and the zip code you provide upon sign up. If the Explorer is in an area where a local connection is not yet available, they will be routed to a church that has a virtual or remote program to serve that Explorer’s need. These churches have their Nationwide setting turned on in their account.

It's important to know that at this time, any church or organization with a premium Gloo account needs to be prepared to respond to any type of Explorer. We have some ability for you to specify which type of Explorer you'd like to receive, but at this time it is very limited. You can check out the "Choosing Type, Distance, and Quantity of Explorers" section of our Managing Reach Settings article for more information.

You are able to specify broad topics that you would like to engage on. But this only relates to a few broad categories- in other areas, you'll need to be prepared to receive all kinds of Explorers. For instance, if you run a women's ministry, you will still receive both male and female Explorers. Or if your church is focused specifically on ministry to people dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, you will still receive Explorers dealing with issues outside of those specific areas.

Pro Tip: Add your full address by clicking on your name in the top right corner and navigating to Settings -> Account Settings to improve accuracy of Explorer matching to your organization!

Important: Make sure to click Save Changes when finished!

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