Reach Settings can be found in the Settings tab under your Reach menu. The page will show your current Explorer status - Active or Paused

Under your Reach Settings you can:

  • Update your Explorer status to Active or Paused

  • Schedule future pauses

  • Specify what types of Explorers you'd like to receive, as well as a maximum weekly amount to receive

  • Manage your subscriptions

Activating and Pausing Explorer Connections

Note: When you first open your account, your Explorer Status will be set to Paused for the first 3 days to give you time to get oriented to the account. The status will automatically switch to Active after 3 days, or you can manually activate at any time.

To pause your account from receiving Explorers until you log in and reactivate:

  1. Click Pause Now.

  2. Choose a reason from the dropdown menu and click Pause Explorers.

  3. You new paused status will be shown. A Pause Duration of "Indefinitely" means your account will remain paused until you log back in and change the status.

To schedule a pause for a specific period of time:

  1. Click Schedule Pause.

  2. Set a start date, end date and reason for the pause, and click Schedule.

    Note 1: Scheduling a pause beginning on the current date means the pause will begin immediately. Your account will automatically reactivate at 9am local time on the end date you set.

    Note 2: You can schedule multiple pauses, as long as the dates of the pauses don't overlap!

  3. Your account will show your scheduled pause, along with any future scheduled pauses. Scheduled pauses can be edited or archived (deleted) by clicking the 3 dots on the right side.

To manually reactivate your account:

  1. Click Unpause.

  2. Confirm that you are ready to unpause.

Managing Connection Types and Amounts

  1. Use the Accept Nationwide and Language Preference dropdowns to specify which types of Explorers you would like to accept. By default your Nationwide setting will be turned off and your Language Preference will be set to Only English.

    Turning on Spanish speaking Explorers means you will receive Explorer messages in both English and Spanish. There is currently no way to receive only Spanish speaking Explorers.

    By default, your account is only set up to receive local Explorers from within a 50 mile radius of your location. Turning on the Accept Nationwide setting will allow you to receive Explorers from anywhere in the country while we work to build out our network of partnering churches and ministries. But be warned- the volume may be high! So be prepared.

  2. In order to help with capacity, you can also customize a maximum number of Explorers you will receive in a week. Accounts default to 14, but you can lower that to 7, or increase it to an unlimited number. Note that this setting will disappear if you turn on your Nationwide Settings.

  3. Click Save for the changes to take effect

Managing Subscriptions

If you would like to opt out of the Explorer Connections program and downgrade to a free account, you can click Manage Subscriptions to be taken to your Billing page. From there, follow these instructions to downgrade your account.

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