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Using Courses in Barna Access Plus
Using Courses in Barna Access Plus

This article will help you use Barna Access Plus Courses - including course selection, progress analysis and general navigation.

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Finding Barna Courses

  • Log in to Barna Access Plus

  • Click the Tools carrot icon a the top of the page, and scroll down to Barna Courses

  • Browse the library and click on the card of the course you are interested in

Exploring Barna Courses

Once on the Barna Courses page, you can easily navigate to the course you'd like clicking the Course Card, then Start Course, and then Enroll For Free.

My Dashboard

Clicking My Dashboard in the top nav bar brings the user to My courses, allowing you to select a course you are currently enrolled in or have completed. Check your progress on a current course, or review materials from courses you've completed.

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