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Tips on Using Automation to Interact with Your Congregation
Tips on Using Automation to Interact with Your Congregation

Watch this video for Tips on Using Automations to Customize how you Interact with your Congregation

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  1. Customized Responses using Natural Language Processing: Austin, from the Success team, discusses the use of natural language processing to customize how Gloo interacts with church members. This feature allows for customized automated responses based on the sentiment of the text received, thus saving time by addressing frequently asked questions.

  2. Quick Responses and FAQs: Austin emphasizes the importance of setting up quick responses for frequently asked questions. By editing the automated responses, ministries can provide timely and consistent answers to common queries.

  3. Customizations and Feedback Management: Manage replies and customize responses to align with the culture and tone of the ministry. Ministers can ensure immediate feedback in real time by making and saving changes accordingly.

  4. Onboarding and Profile Creation: Austin introduces the feature of intelligent onboarding, where Gloo creates profiles based on users' first interactions with the organization. Ministers can customize different versions of onboarding to match their organization's tone and voice.

  5. Email Collection: You can option to collect email addresses during the initial onboarding process. This can be enabled by toggling a button and asking users for their email address as the last question in their initial onboarding.

You can also check out our Automations: Customizations Guide for more account details

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