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Why Can’t I Respond to an Explorer? - Explorer Rematch Status
Why Can’t I Respond to an Explorer? - Explorer Rematch Status

Why can't I respond to an Explorer anymore?

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1. The Importance of the Explorer Connection Platform: The Explorer Connection Platform is a means to connect with individuals in the local community who have questions about God, need support, or are searching for a Church. Champions are called to engage with these Explorers, who may be vulnerable and in need, to provide guidance and to build relationships.
2. Responding within 16 hours to avoid Explorer rematching: Responding to Explorers within 16 hours is crucial. If a Champion is unable to respond within that timeframe, the Explorer will be rematched with another Church or Ministry. Champions should be aware that once an Explorer is rematched, they lose the ability to respond to them.
3. Options to prevent Explorer rematching: There are two solutions to avoid Explorer rematching. Firstly, Champions can pause their account from receiving new Explorers by accessing the account settings, going to Explore settings, and clicking on the status tab. This is useful when on vacation or during other situations where immediate responses cannot be guaranteed. Secondly, Champions can ensure that their notification settings are enabled to receive alerts when a new Explorer message is received. This helps in promptly engaging with Explorers and minimizing the chance of missing their messages.

By understanding and implementing these key points, Champions can effectively utilize the Explorer Connection Platform, respond to Explorers promptly, and take measures to maintain consistent communication with those seeking their guidance and support.

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