As experts in SMS communication, we have experience with all of the complicated intricacies that exist in the tele-communication world.

Toll free phone numbers provide the personal feel of a 10 digit phone number without losing quick text messaging throughput. Toll free numbers also enable us to give each church its own unique phone number.

Why doesn't Gloo use short codes?

“Short Codes” are 5 digit phone numbers that you can text. There are two types of short codes: Shared Short Codes and Dedicated Short Codes.

We do not use Shared Short Codes for a few reasons.

1. Shared Short Codes have to be shared across multiple churches - This means that you have to share keywords.

2. The SMS carriers (like T-Mobile) do not like it when multiple organizations share a single number and they can actually block you from messaging.

3. Shared Short Codes rely on specific keywords that have to be texted in. That means misspellings break the system! Gloo uses language processing to detect what people meant, regardless if they spell things wrong. We can only do that if we give you your own phone number.

Dedicated Short Codes are available but on a limited basis.

There is a 4-10 week application process and a $1000+ monthly cost for a Dedicated Short Code. These factors make Dedicated Short Codes not make sense for most churches. However, if you are interested in pursuing a Dedicated Short Code, contact our team and we can discuss this option further.

Why doesn't Gloo use local phone numbers?

Unfortunately, local phone numbers have more restrictions on them than toll free. We don't use them because SMS carriers do not allow local phone numbers to send out automated messages. You will get blocked as spam and won't be able to deliver any more messages.

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