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Quick Start: Authenticate your account and claim your phone number
Quick Start: Authenticate your account and claim your phone number
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Authenticating your account and claiming a phone number only takes two minutes with Gloo. Every phone number is randomly generated and unique to your account. This is the phone number you'll use when accessing any of our texting features under Reach or Engage. Once you've authenticated your account and claimed a number, you'll be able to start messaging right away!

Authenticate and Claim

  1. If you haven't authenticated your account or claimed your phone number yet, clicking on the Engage tab will automatically prompt you to do so.

  2. If you aren't prompted, you can also click the green Claim Now button on the left hand menu under your Engage tab and/or your Reach tab if you signed up for a Premium account.

  3. First, you'll need to enter your personal cell number and click Text Me Now in order to receive a text for authenication. This is a simple check we do to prevent spam.

  4. Enter the code that was texted to you to continue.

  5. Next, enter your organization's address and website. These 2 fields are very important because we'll need this federally required information in order to submit your number to our texting provider for verification.

    If your organization doesn't have an official webpage, please submit some kind of proof of online presence- a Facebook page, Instagram page, business listing, etc will all work fine. Please do not submit any fake information as this will result in a significant delay in our texting provider being able to officially verify your number.

    When you're finished, click Claim Free Phone Number.

  6. If you'd like, you can test your account right away by using your phone to scan the QR code shown on the screen! When you're ready to move on, click Continue.

  7. Clicking Finish will take you directly to your Inbox to get started.

  8. It's that simple! Your phone number will now show on the left side of your screen under both the Engage and Reach menus.

Want to know why Gloo uses toll free numbers? Check out this article.

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