Quick Start: Claiming your phone number
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Claiming a phone number only takes two minutes with Gloo. Every phone number is randomly generated and unique to your account.

Once you have created and verified your Gloo account, claiming your phone number is the first step to making your account active and able to send messages!

  1. To claim your phone number, click the green Claim button on the left side of your screen under either the Engage menu or the Reach menu (if you have a premium account).

  2. Click the Claim Now button on the modal that pops up. Note that if you haven't verified your account yet, you'll be required to do that first.

  3. Enter your organization's address and click Next. We'll need this information in order to submit your number to our texting provider for verification.

  4. Enter your organization's website and click Enter.

    Note: Both your organization's address and website are required in order to claim your phone number. Federal regulations require us to provide this information in order to verify your toll free number for usage. Your website can be any proof of an online presence- a website, facebook page, instagram, etc.

  5. It's that simple! Your phone number will now show on the left side of your screen under both the Engage and Reach menus.

Want to know why Gloo uses toll free numbers? Check out this article.

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