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How do I delete someone?
How do I delete someone?
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If you need to delete a person from your account, you can do so by archiving them.

  1. Navigate to the People tab under your Engage menu and select the person you want to delete.

  2. Click Edit Profile.

  3. Select Archived from the dropdown of status options, and then click Save Profile.

The person will be deleted and no longer show up in the default view of the People page.

However, if you wish to see all Archived people, you can filter by the Status “Archived.”

Note: If you archive a person, the phone number associated with that person is still able to text into your account’s phone number, and if they do, the profile will be re-marked as “Active.” If you want to prevent the person from being able to text your phone number, try marking them as “Blocked” instead. Learn more about people’s statuses.

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