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Getting Started Guide: Measure
Getting Started Guide: Measure

Quickly set up everything you need to succeed in the Measure tab

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Welcome to your Measure tab! This part of your account is focused on connecting you to powerful data analytics that show how effective you're being and find ways to become even more impactful, both in your church or ministry in general and in your Gloo account specifically.

The Measure tab has four main sections: Measure What Matters, Analytics, Networks, and Assessments. All 4 of these sections are included in a free account. Let's take a moment to briefly introduce all three, and show you how to get started.

Measure What Matters

The ability to know is oxygen to a ministry. Leaders often wonder, “How are my people doing? How effective is my ministry? How am I doing as a leader?” At Gloo, we’ve worked with Barna Group in serving thousands of leaders who leverage technology as a way to learn and to know. We’ve learned that one of the best ways to gain knowledge is to leverage common frameworks—a mutually accepted way of viewing and communicating about something.

Barna Group has established 2 common frameworks that can be used to measure what matters- the health of those within your church and, by extension, the health of your church itself. These frameworks- human flourishing and church thriving- are summarized in the Measure What Matters tab based on data gathered from thousands of churches around the country so that you can see where your church stands in relation to others.

For a complete guide to this tab, check out the full Measure What Matters Guide.


Put simply, the Analytics tool in your account shows you how your Gloo account is performing over time. We've collected important statistics for you, such as how many people you are texting with, how many Explorers are being connected with your church, how quickly your team is responding to people, and which texting features are seeing the most interaction. Just go to your Measure menu and click on the Analytics tab.

Everything is completely set up for you, so that you don't have to set anything up to use this feature!

For a complete guide on what all is tracked in our Analytics tool, just visit our Analytics Guide.


The Networks tool is designed for network leaders to add their participating churches so that you can track how each church's Gloo account is performing, as well as invite new churches to join the Gloo platform. This piece is especially helpful if you have a network of churches receiving Explorers and want to have a bird's eye view of how things are going.

Setting up your network portal is extremely simple. Just navigate to the Network tab under your Measure menu and click Get Your Custom Invite Link.

That's it! You're ready to go. For more instructions, check out our full Network Portal guide.


The last piece of the Measure tab is our Assessments tool. Using this tool gives you access to a library of powerful Assessments you can send out to your people to learn almost anything you want about your congregants. You can explore our Library of pre-built surveys, or create your own from scratch. The Barna ChurchPulse Assessment, for example, can be used to measure the state of Flourishing and Thriving in your church (see the Measure What Matters section above for more details on this).

The only piece of setup required for this section is to create your own Assessments login.

  1. From the Measure tab of your Gloo account, click on Assessments on the left hand side. You can also directly access the tool by going to

  2. From the Assessments page, you can view some of the templated Assessments in our system that you can take advantage of, or you can create your own custom Assessment from scratch. Any link that you click on will take you out into the main Assessments tool. Be on the lookout- soon we will fully integrate our Assessments tool into the Gloo app so that you won't need to go to another page at all. But for now, you'll need to complete steps 3-5 below.

  3. Click to sign in with Google, or click sign up for an account.

  4. Fill in your first name, last name, email, and password. You can use the same credentials you use to sign into the Gloo app, or create new ones. Then click Create Your Account.

  5. All finished! After creating the account you will land in your Assessments library. From here you can create and configure a new assessment or manage your account settings.

For more help with Assessments, make sure to check out the articles in the Assessments subsections under the Measure portion of our Help Center.

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