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Why didn’t my team member receive their invite? 💌
Why didn’t my team member receive their invite? 💌

How to make sure your team member invites are sent

Updated over a week ago

As you learn more about all the features included in your Gloo account, it will oftentimes make sense to share these responsibilities with your organization’s staff or team. You can set multiple team members with different sets of permissions to handle different things based on your organization’s wants and needs. When you do send your team members invites to join you, if they report not receiving it there are a few things you can check:

  • Double check that you’ve sent the invite to the correct email address.

  • Certain words in an email can trigger it to be sent directly to spam, so have your team member go to their spam or junk folder to see if they can locate the invite; it may have accidentally ended up there.

  • If you’ve invited a team member to your Gloo account and they are not seeing it in their email inbox, you can always resend it. To resend the invite email, go to Settings then head to Team Members. Click the 3 dot drop down and remove the user. Add the user again by clicking Invite Members.

  • Make sure you are in the right account when inviting team members. Your email could be associated with multiple accounts. To switch accounts, hover over the person icon & click on other accounts available in the drop-down.

Their invitation may have expired. Invitations expire 30 days after being sent. If an invitation has expired, you can renew it by finding the team member and clicking the 3 dot drop down menu to the right of their name.

If you’re still experiencing difficulty with sending team invites, we’re happy to help! Just contact us at

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