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Week of January 22, 2024
Week of January 22, 2024

New Gloo App update: Streamlined settings, enhanced campaign mgmt, dev improvements, UX boosts, and mobile support. Plus, key fixes and more

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✨ What’s New

  • Streamlined Account Settings: Simplified navigation and management of account preferences, along with a new, user-friendly navigation system.

  • Enhanced Campaign Management: More flexibility in updating campaign information without the need to adjust Approved Org IDs unnecessarily.

  • Development and Infrastructure Enhancements: Updated documentation for developers and performance optimizations for a smoother user experience.

  • Feature Enhancements and Fixes: Improved logic for explorer connections and streamlined content creation for microsites and campaigns.

  • User Experience Improvements: New "Select All" feature for efficient bulk actions and accessibility improvements for a cleaner interface.

  • Gloo Forms Widget: New methods to enhance information collection and engagement through Gloo Forms.

  • Mobile Support Enhancements: Now possible to remove organizations from a network on mobile devices for greater admin flexibility.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • Codebase Cleanup: Removal of outdated code and dependencies to enhance app performance and maintenance.

  • Prayer Request Refresh: Automatic refresh of prayer requests upon resolution to keep users updated without manual reloads.

  • Accessibility and Interface Improvements: Corrected interface elements and removed unnecessary outlines for a cleaner look.

  • Technical Refinements: Various backend improvements including updated next.js version and fixed issues with environment variable parsing.

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