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Week of March 26, 2024
Week of March 26, 2024
Updated over a week ago

✨ What’s New

  • Portal User First App Context: Handling for newly created portal users creating their 1st app context.

  • Language Dropdown Update: Updated location, label, and added helper text.

  • Gloo Form Builder Updates: Two changes to the Gloo Form Builder and one to the Gloo Form Widget.

  • Gloo Form Selection Field: Added Gloo form selection field to Form Pages.

  • API for ExplorerFormWidgetDistribution: Added API for ExplorerFormWidgetDistribution publishing.

  • Loading Spinner Addition: Added a loading spinner to the Gloo Form Builder.

  • Retaining Campaign and Partner Data: Retained campaign and partner data in the Gloo Form Builder Create page.

  • Performance Improvements: Improved performance for Gloo Form Builder & font caching.

  • Marketplace Search Default: Defaulted marketplace search to use flex search.

  • Image Display Setting Change: Changed image display setting in templates.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • Whitespace Trimming: Trimmed whitespace on blur for plain-text inputs.

  • Redact JSON: Implemented JSON redaction.

  • Stripe Update: Updated stripe on order update.

  • SMS Support: Added support for .3gp video files from MMS.

  • Video Format Conversion: Converted incoming MMS video files to mp4.

  • API Data Optimization: Optimized API calls to get single partner and campaign data.

  • Authentication Enhancement: Improved authentication handling.

  • Login Cleanup: Cleaned up login and fixed missing key.

  • Marketplace Role: Added a new purchaser role for org admins in the marketplace.

  • Widget Deployer Update: Updated widget deployer to use backend API.

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