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Week of February 26, 2024
Week of February 26, 2024
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✨ What’s New

  • Marketplace Enhancements: Improved the experience with new features like the ability to purchase Subscriptions, including Sermon Central, accessible directly via the Marketplace.

  • Hub Reskins: Refreshed the look and feel of various hubs including Promised Grounds Coffee as Ministry, Connected Ministry, and others for a more engaging user experience.

  • Genesis Design Updates: Launched Genesis reskin for the /orders page and integrated new speed dial components, enriching the platform’s visual design and functionality.

  • Microsite Management: Introduced new capabilities for managing microsites, including preview options in the stepper/wizard experience and the ability to un-publish and delete a microsite.

  • Gloo Form Builder Enhancements: Released the Gloo Form Builder with preview functionality, allowing for dynamic creation and immediate preview of forms within the Gloo platform.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • UI/UX Adjustments: Addressed several UI issues including carousel fixes for mobile, content updates on landing pages, and adjustments for better responsiveness in the stepper grid.

  • Subscription Management: Fine-tuned the profile and subscription management features, ensuring users have a seamless experience managing subscriptions within their profile.

  • Email and SMS Enhancements: Updated the bandwidth API for broader denial code handling and enabled more flexible SMS content options for user communications.

  • Security and Backend Improvements: Implemented backend enhancements including Fargate migration, API updates for better security, and performance improvements for database operations.

  • Testing and QA: Conducted comprehensive updates to automation testing frameworks and regression tests to ensure platform stability and user satisfaction.

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