Week of March 4, 2024
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✨ What’s New

  • Discover Home Reskin: Launched a revamped Discover Home with a new search bar, value props card section, hub logo component, and carousel banner for an enhanced browsing experience.

  • Marketplace Enhancements: Introduced discounts in the cart, automatic product discounts, and updated product card designs for a more engaging shopping experience.

  • Microsite Previews: Added microsite preview to the campaign creation process, including page tabs for final review, for better campaign planning and execution.

  • Genesis Design Updates: Rolled out Genesis design system updates across Discover and Marketplace, including input components, carousel setup, and marketplace cards reskin, for improved UI/UX.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • Performance and Backend Enhancements: Improved message handling in PostgreSQL, fixed issues with Shopify login in tests, and updated backend infrastructure for better performance and reliability.

  • UI/UX Adjustments: Fixed image resizing issues, updated landing page content, and made design QA adjustments across Discover Hubs for a more consistent and visually appealing experience.

  • Subscription Management: Added subscription contract tables and integrated a more robust system for managing and tracking subscriptions.

  • Navigation and Search Enhancements: Implemented a more responsive debounce for searches, added SKU management for products, and fixed server action error logs for a smoother operational flow.

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