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Week of February 12, 2024
Week of February 12, 2024

Gloo App's update boosts subscriptions, improves UI, performance, tooltips, Discover, and integrates Shopify.

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✨ What’s New

  • Subscription Management Enhancements: Upgraded webhook processing for a smoother subscription experience, allowing more precise control over your service plans.

  • Genesis Design System Updates: Rolled out UI/UX adjustments within the Genesis system for an enhanced visual and interactive user experience.

  • Performance Boosts: Implemented performance enhancements to speed up message load times, ensuring quicker and more efficient communication.

  • Tool Tips for Toll-Free Numbers and Address Search: Added tooltips to provide helpful information on toll-free numbers and improved the address search functionality for easier navigation.

  • Discover Section Updates: Transitioned "Favorites" to "Bookmarks" for easier content saving and retrieval, enhancing the Discover section's usability.

  • Super Admin Panel Features: Introduced the ability to change an organization's phone number directly from the Super Admin panel for more flexibility in contact information management.

  • Shopify Backend Integration: Enabled configuration of partner apps in the Shopify store, broadening the scope for partner collaborations and integrations.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • QA and Testing Enhancements: Bolstered our QA processes with test enhancements, ensuring more robust and reliable app performance.

  • Address Autocomplete Debounce: Refined the address autocomplete feature by debouncing requests, making search functionality smoother and more user-friendly. Also replacing Smarty API with Google Place for more accurate lookups for our customers.

  • Message Tracking and Database Indexing: Improved backend systems for tracking messages in PostgreSQL and created indexes on crucial database columns for optimized data retrieval.

  • Email Validation Adjustments: Removed reliance on non-regex email validation methods, adopting a regex-based approach for more accurate email verification.

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