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Week of January 29, 2024
Week of January 29, 2024

Enhanced navigation, improved performance, security boosts, UI enhancements, and streamlined OAuth flow. Fixes for surveys and more.

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✨ What’s New

  • Navigation and Link Enhancements: Improved link components with prefetching for faster navigation, ensuring a smoother experience across the platform.

  • URL Updates for Better Usability: Updated URLs for easier navigation and improved measurement tracking.

  • Performance Improvements: Optimized backend requests for increased efficiency and faster load times on series pages.

  • Survey Sending Fixes: Resolved issues with responder survey sending for more reliable feedback collection.

  • Environment Configuration Enhancements: Introduced dynamic environment loading for more flexible configuration management.

  • Analytics Enhancements: New event tracking for login and signup modals to better understand user interactions.

  • User Assignment Notifications: Prevented duplicate notifications for org user assignments, streamlining communication.

  • Security Enhancements for Webhooks: Strengthened security measures for webhooks to protect sensitive data.

  • UI and Design Updates: Numerous UI enhancements including updated imagery, color pickers for microsite design, and a new image upload component.

  • OAuth Flow Simplification: Streamlined sign-in and sign-up processes for a more user-friendly OAuth flow.

  • Microsite and Campaign Creation: Improved the creation process for partners, campaigns, and microsites with new logic and preview capabilities.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • Responder Survey Issues: Fixed issues with responder survey sending and replies for more accurate data collection.

  • Legacy Support: Enhanced support for legacy dashboard functionalities, ensuring seamless integration of match requests.

  • Marketplace UI Fixes: Addressed UI update issues in the marketplace actions to ensure accurate display.

  • Navigation and Routing Fixes: Corrected navigation routes and fixed scrolling issues for an improved user experience.

  • Testing and QA Enhancements: Implemented fixes for main navigation and marketplace purchase tests to ensure reliability.

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