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Week of February 19, 2024
Week of February 19, 2024
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✨ What’s New

  • Hubs Reskin: Completed reskin of hubs including Worship Initiative, Promised Grounds, ACST (Be Stronger), Connected Ministry, and Barna for an enhanced user experience.

  • Genesis Design System Updates: Integrated the Genesis Design System across various components, including speed dial and navigation updates, for a more intuitive and cohesive UI/UX.

  • Marketplace Enhancements: Introduced improvements in Marketplace, including a new discount code "save25" for promotions, enhanced analytics tracking, and seamless integration with Shopify for subscription management.

  • Performance Improvements: Implemented various backend optimizations, including updates to message tracking and database schemas, to ensure faster load times and more reliable operations.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • Discover Section Overhaul: Introduced the Genesis carousel in Discover, updated button links, and standardized page titles across hubs for better navigation and consistency.

  • Email Validation and Webhook Handling: Updated email validation methods and added more verbose error logging for Shopify webhook handling to improve system reliability.

  • UI/UX Adjustments: Made several fixes to UI components, including card sizing on Discover Home, link issues in URL pills, and background fixes for logos, for a smoother visual experience.

  • Automation and Testing: Enhanced the automation framework with updates to playwright scripts and selenium automation for more robust testing procedures.

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