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Week of March 18, 2024
Week of March 18, 2024
Updated over a week ago

✨ What’s New

  • Genesis Design System Implementation inside of Discover.

  • New Top Banner Carousel to highlight key offerings and promotions in the marketplace.

  • Animated Value Prop Cards for unauthenticated users showcasing Discover, Messaging, and Measure features.

  • Content Discovery Filters to easily find relevant resources, products, bookmarks, and hubs.

  • Curated Swimlane Structure for featured resources, hubs, products, messaging templates, and assessments.

  • Targeted promotion with Easter Storefront Banner for special holiday offerings.

  • New, intuitive search bar within the Discover section.

  • Filter options by Author, Type, Collections, Stores, and Topics.

  • Search suggestions for seamless exploration.

  • Improved Engage Inbox refresh to resolve issues.

  • Fix for broken image paths.

  • Addition of Rush Creek Church to whitelist for large broadcast.

  • Auto logout functionality.

  • Sort filter added to Discover search.

  • Validation enhancements for the stepper.

  • Improved Campaign Page Image Upload style and helper text.

  • Get Explorer Form Configs by Partner ID API.

  • Visual updates to Connected Ministry Hub.

  • Home page carousel cleanup.

  • Further control flow and logs improvements.

  • Ability to hide messages for specific users in an organization.

  • Stripe order metadata enhancements.

  • Updates to automation tests using Discover reskin.

  • Visual Overhaul for Promised Grounds Hub.

  • Appending stripe data on orders paid.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • Resolved issue with cart button displaying item count incorrectly.

  • Added search criteria pills to Discover search.

  • Refined card sub styles in Discover.

  • Fixed orgUser assignments in Engage Inbox.

  • Improved search speed by removing router replace.

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