April 11-16, 2024
Updated over a week ago

✨ What’s Changed

  • Merge Conflict Updates: Updates to Gloo+ page.

  • Gloo Plus Logo Adjustment: Moved Gloo+ logo on nav.

  • Legacy Billing Page: Hidden legacy billing page.

  • FAQ Copy: Added FAQ copy for Gloo+.

  • Wire up Gloo Plus: Wired up Gloo+.

  • Navigation Logo Check: Checked Gloo+ for nav logo.

  • Marketplace Redirection: Redirected Gloo+ marketplace product detail page to top-level fancy Gloo+ page.

  • Navigation Radius Change: Changed navigation switch.

  • Gloo+ Activation/Setup Tweaks: Made tweaks to Gloo+ activation/setup.

  • Legacy Component Removal: Removed old discover components.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • Legacy Login Deletion: Deleted legacy login.

  • Configuration Messaging Update: Updated reach configuration messaging.

  • Mobile Messaging Views: Updated mobile views for messaging.

  • Opengraph Image Setup: Set up Opengraph images for Gloo sites.

  • Group Limitations and Add Account Fix: Made changes to Gloo+ group limitations and fixed add account functionality.

  • Sync All People: Synced all people.

  • Smoke Test Adjustments: Adjusted smoke tests.

  • Pick Better PC Phone: Picked a better PC phone.

  • Sub Cancel Tracking: Tracked sub cancel for the Hubspots.

  • Circular Fit Images: Added circular fit images for hubs carousel.

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