April 2-10 2024
Updated over a week ago

✨ What’s Changed

  • Fix Update Account Selenium Test: Fixes update account Selenium test.

  • Remove Legacy Auth: Removed legacy authentication.

  • Gloo App Consolidated Messaging: Consolidated messaging in gloo app.

  • Allow MatchRequests.text to be Nullable: Made MatchRequests.text nullable.

  • Better Account Switch: Improved account switch functionality.

  • Profile Cache Revalidate: Added more profile cache revalidation.

  • Changes to Home Page Carousel: Updated the home page carousel.

  • QA Issue Template Update: Removed Alex from the QA issue template.

  • Monitoring Profile Calls: Monitored the frequency of getProfile calls.

  • Move Genesis Components: Moved genesis components out of app/ router.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • Vercel Analytics Setup: Set up vercel analytics.

  • Whitelist Update: Added Compassion Church to whitelist.

  • Frontend URL Validation: Switched to frontend URL validation for groupsRequestUrl.

  • Planning Center Auth Flow: Implemented Planning Center authentication flow.

  • Archived User Handling: Archived users are no longer soft deleted but can be restored.

  • Web Analytics Update: Excluded internal users from web analytics tracking.

  • Gloo+ Reach Overview Edits: Made edits to Gloo+ Reach overview.

  • Groups Limitation Update: Updated Gloo+ groups limitation to account for 3 active groups.

  • Mothers Day Resources Addition: Added Mothers Day resources to the main hub page.

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