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Week of February 5, 2024
Week of February 5, 2024

Latest update includes logging system upgrades, campaign match handling improvements, UI updates, and more for a streamlined experience.

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✨ What’s New

  • Logging System Update: Transitioned to pino for enhanced performance and efficiency.

  • Campaign Match Handling: Improved to ensure explorers already connected for a campaign are marked as matched.

  • Recovery Org Overview Page: Adjusted visibility for specific organizational needs.

  • CMS Dependencies Removal: Streamlined our codebase by removing all CMS dependencies.

  • RCI Navigation Update: Removed Super Admin from RCI navigation for clearer user paths.

  • SMS Receipts for Urgent Explorers: Ensured immediate sending to improve responsiveness.

  • Match Request Building Tests: Added for explorers with various contact methods, ensuring robust matching.

  • Frontend Services Transition: Moved platform services code to the frontend for better integration.

  • Selling Plans API: Introduced to enhance our sales strategy execution.

  • Google Maps Support: Added for improved match location accuracy.

  • Messaging Tables Creation: For better communication flow and data organization.

  • Campaign Card/Page Preview: New container for enhanced previewing of campaign materials.

⚙️ Fixes and Improvements

  • HGU Visibility Adjustments: Implemented fixes and feature flags for HGU hiding kits and hubs.

  • He Gets Us Page Styling: Updated for better user experience and visual appeal.

  • Phrasing and Type Checks: Improved for clearer communication and error prevention.

  • Shopify App Development: For internal use to enhance our e-commerce capabilities.

  • Spam Prevention Enhancements: Added roadblocks to detect and prevent spamming activities.

  • Explorer Forms and Connections: Updated handling for explorers to interact with multiple organizations.

  • Domain Validation for User Emails: Implemented to ensure email integrity and reduce errors.

  • Cart Button Addition: To Discover nav for easier access to purchases and cart management.

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