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Four Ways to Get Members Uploaded in Your Gloo Account
Four Ways to Get Members Uploaded in Your Gloo Account

Watch this video to learn how to populate the People tab in your Gloo account.

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  1. Integration with Church Management Systems: The first way discussed is through integrations with popular church management systems. By selecting the desired integration option and following the prompts, congregants can be easily uploaded into the Gloo account.

  2. Upload through a CSV File: The second way is by uploading a CSV file with the congregants' information directly into the Gloo platform. This option is beneficial for those who do not use a church management system or for systems that are not integrated with Gloo.

  3. Manual Addition of Congregants: The third option mentioned is to manually add congregants in the "my people" section. By providing their first name, last name, phone number, and optionally their email, they can be manually added to their Gloo account.

  4. Texting the Gloo Toll-Free Number: The fourth and final means of getting congregants uploaded into your Gloo account is by having them text the Gloo toll-free number. When someone texts in, the system recognizes that they are not in the Gloo account and prompts them to provide their name. Upon doing so, the system automatically adds them as an icon in the "my people" section.

You can also check out our Quick Start: Add people to your account for more account details.

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