The first message someone gets sent from your Gloo phone number will automatically be amended with "Text STOP to opt out."

  • If someone texts into your number first (through a keyword, prayer request, etc) this will be amended to the automatic response sent back to them.

  • When a person is added to your Gloo account manually, via CSV upload, or ChMS integration, the first broadcast sent to that person will be automatically amended with a second message. This second message will say "Sent by ORG NAME. Text STOP to opt-out." [Onboarding Completed Message]

This will only be sent once per person.

At any time, someone can opt out of receiving messages by saying "STOP" or "UNSUBSCRIBE." They will automatically be marked as Unsubscribed in your account.

In order to resubscribe, the person who texted "STOP" will need to text "START" to receive any additional communication.

Opting out of parts of your communication

Try using Effects to encourage opting out of part of your communication instead of all of it.

Create a keyword and add an effect of "Remove a person from a group."

  • For example, have someone text in "DONE VOLUNTEER" to opt out of receiving your volunteer communication.

Create a keyword and add an effect of "Remove a person from a series."

  • For example, have someone text in "END DEVO" to opt out of a 90 day prayer Series you are running.

In order to bring awareness of these special opt out keywords, let people know in a broadcast or other auto response how to opt out of just this portion of communication.

  • For example, in the message that's sent when subscribed in a Series, include this at the end. "If you no longer want to be a part of this 90 day series, text 'END DEVO.'"

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