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Quick Start: Receive and Respond to your First Explorer
Quick Start: Receive and Respond to your First Explorer

Use this guide to kickstart conversations with Explorers you’ve been matched with!

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Getting matched with your first Explorer

  1. If you have a premium account and your status under Reach Settings is set to "active," you will be automatically matched with Explorers in your area.

  2. Depending on your location, you can expect to receive your first Explorer between 1-2 weeks after signing up.

  3. You will receive an email notification upon receiving your first Explorer, prompting you to login and respond to an Explorer’s message.

    Pro Tip: You can also receive a text notification or mobile push notification for an Explorer based on your profile settings!

View and assign your first Explorer

  1. There are three easy ways to get to your Explorers. You can access them directly from the notification email, you can access them from your Home Page:

    Or you can access them under your Reach menu:

  2. Select an Explorer connection to view their contact information, along with the reason for their reaching out. Note that depending on which campaign the Explorer interacted with, this may be a custom note from the Explorer, or a standard response like "I'm looking to get connected with a local church."

  3. You can assign an Explorer out to a team member via the Assign icon.

    Pro Tip: Sometimes it is best to assign a team member of the same gender as the Explorer. Still need to add a team member to your account? Check out this guide.

Start a conversation!

  1. If you haven’t yet, take 1 minute and claim your phone number.

  2. Send a message to kickstart the conversation! Need help knowing what to say? Check out this guide or try using our Conversation Support to save even more time.

    Very Important: The Explorer will not see their original message to you, so it is very, very important to introduce yourself and briefly share that you got their information through the form they filled out online! Otherwise, since the Explorer is receiving a text message from a number they've never seen before, they may assume it is spam or a bot and not respond!

  3. The majority of Explorers provide a phone number, but occasionally one won't. If that’s an Explorer in your account, there will not be an option to send a text message. However, there will be an email option that will redirect you to your email provider and send the explorer an email! Just don’t forget to come back and update the Explorer Status to “Engaged” (see next step) once you’ve sent one!

  4. The Explorer's Status will automatically update to “Engaged” after you've sent your first message.

    Note: All Explorers will automatically come into your account with the "New Match" status and will automatically change to "Engage" after you message for the first time. All other statuses must be set manually by a Team Member.

  5. From here, do what you do best – build relationships!

Want the full Explorer Inbox Guide? Check that out here.

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