When an Explorer shows up in your Inbox, it’s time to respond! Sometimes, you’ll know exactly what to say, but other times you might want some inspiration and ideas. This is where Conversation Prompts come in!

We also know that Explorer response rates increase significantly the faster a message is sent to them! Striking when the iron is hot may be really effective, but you’ve got a lot going on… so a Conversation Prompt makes it easier for you to quickly get a message sent by reducing the energy it takes to craft the perfect one.

What is a Conversation Prompt?

A Conversation Prompt is a templated one time message you can use to start a conversation with an Explorer. These can be used in any conversation, but they will be the most helpful for kick starting a conversation with an Explorer.

How to Use a Conversation Prompt

  1. Navigate to your Explorers tab under your Reach menu.

  2. Click into an Explorer conversation.

  3. Read the initial message an Explorer sent in. Additionally, note the “Ad Topic.” This will be helpful to find Conversation Prompts relevant to your Explorer.

  4. At the bottom of the Send a Message box, click the Add Conversation Prompt icon.

    Note: Conversation Prompts are also available when crafting a message in the Messages tab under your Engage menu.

  5. Browse the Conversation Prompts available. You can use the Topics filters to find the most appropriate responses. Once you’ve found the response you’d like to use, click the plus icon in the right corner to insert it into your message.

  6. Make any edits you’d like to the message, then click Send.

    Note: When you see [bracketed] text, our system will automatically fill that information in for you once you insert the prompt into your conversation. Several prompts, however, have bracketed [FILL IN THE BLANKS] portions that you will need to manually fill out.

  7. Wait for the Explorer to respond to continue the conversation!

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