Broadcasts are the ultimate time saver and the best way to get quick, direct communication to your people! It only takes one minute to send a message to all of your people or groups of your people. Everyone receives the message as if it is a personal message.

Use Broadcasts to send announcements, encouragements, and more! You can use the mobile app on your phone to send Broadcasts on the go just as easily as from your web browser.

How to send a Broadcast in the mobile app

  1. Tap on the “Outbox” button.

  2. Tap on “New Broadcast.”

  3. Craft your message.

    Pro Tip: Enhance your messages in two different ways:

    • Boost your message by adding an image.

    • Personalize your message by using the “Insert Data” button.

  4. Select who you want to send it to.

    • Send it to your entire congregation by selecting “Everyone” under the Groups tab.

    • Send it to specific groups by selecting only those groups.

    • Send it to individuals by choosing them under the Users tab.

    • Make sure to tap "Save" to save your changes.

      Note: You can also search for a specific user or group by tapping the search button.

  5. If there is a group or individuals you’d like to exclude, tap “Add Exclusions” and choose those groups or individuals.

    Note: If your account includes Explorer Connections, all Explorers are automatically added to a group that is excluded from all Broadcasts, unless you choose to remove them from the Exclusions list.

  6. You can send the message immediately by selecting “Send Now,” or you can select “Send Later” and choose another date and time.

  7. Tap “Preview Broadcast and make sure everything is correct.

  8. Once you’ve verified everything is correct, tap “Send Broadcast.”

See all your previous broadcasts and related information.

See any upcoming messages scheduled to go out.

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