Gloo mobile app Overview

Manage communication on the go with the Gloo Mobile App.

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Oftentimes, your life and ministry happen on the go! It’s now easier than ever to stay on top of communication in your Gloo account via the mobile app.

How to Download the Gloo Mobile App

  1. Go to the app store of your choice!

    1. If you are on an Apple device, go to the App Store.

    2. If you are on an Android device, go to the Google Play Store.

  2. If you don’t use the links above, search for “Gloo” then click Get or Install.

  3. Login using your usual Gloo credentials.

    Important: You cannot create a NEW Gloo app account via the mobile app; this must be done via a web browser. You can simply login to a current Gloo account.


What You Can Do via the Gloo Mobile App

Note: Due to some large upgrades and new functionality, some features are only available via the full web version at This includes creating Surveys. adding Effects, and viewing Stories, as well as most management of your Settings. While certain features are available in the mobile app like creating Keywords and Series and adding people to groups, due to the recent changes some of these features are not working properly, and so we highly recommend using the web version for these features.

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