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How to Invite Team Members to Join Your Account
How to Invite Team Members to Join Your Account

Watch this video to learn more about how to invite team members to join your account

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  1. Definition of a Team Member: A team member can be a pastor, administrator, leader, or volunteer who assists with managing the account and has access to additional features and tools.

  2. Responsibilities of a Team Member: Team members help run the account by tasks such as adding new members, sending text messages to church members, and responding to messages and prayer requests from Explorers.

  3. Inviting Team Members: To invite a team member, click on your initials in the bottom left, go to account settings, and click on the team members tab. From there, you can add an unlimited number of team members and customize their permission levels.

  4. Permissions and Customization: When inviting team members, you can choose their permission levels based on the access they need to the account. The account administrator toggle provides full access, but permissions can be adjusted to restrict access to specific features or groups of people in the account.

  5. Managing and Adjusting Team Members: You can manage and adjust the permissions of team members at any time. Additionally, you can remove team members if necessary.

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