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Setting up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) 🔓

How to improve your account security with MFA

Updated over a week ago

MFA, short for Multifactor Authentication, is a technique utilized to confirm a user's identity when logging in. Gloo uses mobile MFA to send a unique code each time you log in, guaranteeing that only you have authorization to your Gloo account.

Important: Currently, the Gloo mobile app does not support MFA. Please be aware that if you enable MFA for Gloo, you will only be able to access Gloo from a browser. We have a guide going over how to Add a Gloo Browser Shortcut on your phone for easy access.

To add MFA to your account, you’ll need to go to your user profile. Hover over or click your initials in the lower left corner, then navigate to My Profile.

Verifying your Phone Number ☎️

Note: If you’ve already verified your mobile number to receive text notifications, you can skip this step!

  1. Enter your mobile phone number in the Phone Number field, and click Verify.

  2. From Gloo, you’ll be prompted to enter a 6-digit code to continue. Enter the code sent to your phone. Once the code is successfully entered, you’ll see a popup notifying you that your number has been verified.

Adding MFA

  1. Once your number has been verified, Click Add MFA. You’ll then be prompted to enter your login information.

  2. Next, enter the new 6-digit code sent to your phone.

  3. That's it! You're ready to go. After enabling MFA, you’ll be prompted to enter a unique 6-digit code sent via text every time you login. Gloo does not automatically log you out if you close the tab though, so if you’d like to receive a code every time, even on your own devices, be sure to log out when you’re finished!

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